Wash Water Treatment  System

Waste Water Treatment  System

Drinking Water Treatment System                      

Studies show that 75 percent of peoples are

concerned about water quality. Look around, and

you will see that bottled water or home water

filters have become commonplace. And, think

about how much water plays a part in your life.

Washwater Treatment Systems can be provided

for all vehicle wash applications, car, bus,  ship,

train, aircraft, heavy equipment, military vehicles.

Custom systems can be provided using any of our

industrial wastewater treatment products..

Industrial wastewater treatment covers the

mechanisms and processes used to treat waters

that have been contaminated in some way by

industrial or commercial acitivities prior to its

release into the envirnment or its re-use.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Recycling Systems for Industrial Use

WACLE, a world wide environmental solutions provider and leading manufacturer of innovative water purification and other fluid separation systems, also has many standard engineering designs for drinking water and municipal water systems to treat the lake and river water used by the city for its drinking water supply.

Recycle Water Treatment  System

The purpose prefers to treat the waste water

during washing operation, make the waste  water

clean for recycling  use & squeeze the mud,

sludge  and other impurities out. To decrease the

water consumption and saving water resource.

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