Tech.-1 : Inline mixing technology

Tech.-2 : Electro-coagulation technology

Tech.-3 : Ozone disinfecting technology

“Chlorination”, the widely used method to disinfect water has been proven to cause irritation, eye damage and cancer to some people. But it is still effectively used today due to its low price. This system, however, abandoned the chlorination as a method for disinfection of water and came up with new technology called “Ozone disinfecting system” that has 3,000 times more disinfecting power than chlorination.

An inline mixer consist of two different shape rotors in the pipe.

During influent water flow in the pipe, because each rotor turn opposite direction, water automatically mixed with the lowest pressure loss possible.

Chemical coagulation to treat water has limitations especially heavy metal,

emulsified oil and suspended solid. But the electro-coagulation is very effective to remove those materials. As a water containments (i.e. heavy metal, suspended solids and emulsified oils) pass by the electro-pulse plates energized by DC voltage, they accept a positive and negative charge causing the tiny particles to bond together like miniature magnets. The clumps of particles either sink or float, depending on the characteristics of the waste stream

Tech.-4 : 3 Rooms clarification tank

Automatic sensor in the machine applies chemical substances and electricity to charge particles of water as pluses and minuses. These particles are reacted, condensed and precipitated in part A. Some particles that are still not precipitated are then processed through part B as they go through Sheen Filter pack and get drained to part c. The water that has been chemically and electrically treated is led into part C where ozone disinfecting system sterilizes and removes small

from the water.

Tech.-5 : Auto backwashing disc filter

Water used in the shower and laundry especially contains large amount of oils and lint which clog filter medium.

Also, as time progresses, the efficiency of the filter medium decreases very rapidly. Finally, they must be changed to keep the recycled water clean. Disc filter system, however, uses a new filter system which a felt liner place between two discs in order to increase filtration effectively.

Tech.-6 : UF Membrane filtration technology

UF Membrane is a filter medium that is used in water purifier and is proven to be most efficient in filtering out water.

It also contains CIP features which prolong its life span around 2-5 years.

The membrane’s pore sizes are 0.4-0.04 micrometer which further provides more precise and safe filtration. These features can be controlled by computerized program.

Tech.-7 : UF Membrane CIP technology

UF Membrane is the best filter medium in the world, But just like any other medium, it gets less effective in filtering out water as it wears out.

Due to its microscopic pore sizes and PVDF materials that make up the membrane, filter medium gets clogged with debris.

But in order to cover these downsides, a back washing and C.I.P.

(Cleaning In Place) function are computer programmed to get rid of any debris that can make the filter medium less effective than before and can prolong its life span few more years.

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