1. Company Profile

 CEO : Kyu-hong, Kim

1988. 2.   Wacle Co. established

1988. 6.   Conclusion of the exclusive sales contract with Dynabrade  International Corp. (U.S.A)

1988. 9.   Conclusion of the exclusive sales contract with NCA (JAPAN)

2000. 6.   Changed company name from Wacle Co. to Wacle Water Cleaning Systems Co., Ltd.

2001. 3.   Established Beijing Wacle Water Cleaning Systems Co., Beijing China.

2002. 10. Develop Wash Water Treated & Recycling  Systems.

2006. 6.   Develop Waste Water Evaporation Systems by direct ignition.

2008. 6.   Develop Waste Water Treatment Systems by Electic Coagulation.

2009. 4.   Develop Treated Water Recycling Systems.

2010. 7.   Develop Drinking Water Treatment Systems.

2011. 10. Develop Full Automatic Disc Filtration Systems.

2. Major Business Items

Wash Water Recycling Systems

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Treated Water Recycling Systems

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Zero Discharge Systems by Evaporation & Recycling

3. Introduction WACLE CO., LTD

Welcome to the source of STATE-OF-THE-ART treatment for industrial wastewater.

The growing awareness of environmental issues has spurred considerable expansion of recycling activities in recent years.  In step with this trend, WACLE offers a complete line of wastewater treatment equipment and wastewater recycle equipment for your wash bay or maintenance facility.

From simple oil water separators and wastewater clarifiers to full wastewater and wash water recycle systems. WACLE has the wastewater treatment equipment to meet your needs.


Inline Mixing Technology

Electric Coagulation Technology

Chemical Flocculation Technology

Ozone Disinfecting Technology

3-Rooms Clarification Tank Applied

Automatic Backwashable Disc Filtration Technology

UF membrane Filtration Technology

UF Membrane CIP Technology

Polymer Testing and Estimating Feed Rates

Washing Chemical in wash water Reclamation Systems

Waste Stream Volime Reduction Estimates

Superior Heat Transfer of Evaporator over Competition

Evaporator Performance Testing of a RCRA Metal Containing

Evaporator Performance Testing of VOC Containing Wastewater Stream

WACLE, a worldwide environmental solutions provider and leading manufacturer of innovative water purification and other fluid separation systems, also has many standard engineering designs for drinking water and municipal water systems to treat the lake and river water used by the city for its drinking water supply.


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